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Using her unique talents as a fiction author and research scholar, with formal academic training as a PhD, Sekai, pulls in her intrinsic ability to think outside the box. Taking on the challenges of the community, social justice, political social movements at a unprecedented time time in history, facing the social movements of racism, the age of white insurrection, and global pandemic, mysogeny, Black women and civil rights level challenges. Dr. Ayo Sekai disrupts the construct of intercultural, intergenerational and trangenerational movements, to show the concerns that are pertinent through academic poetical and political frameworks!

Also in a true communal fashion, Sekai builds as she climbs, always working with her fellow PhD cohort, research and conference connections as well as her mentors, dissertation committee and graduate school relationships. PIECES OF ME IN POETICAL SCIENCE, in anthology fashion, brings together members of her network, citing and theorizing the impact of research facing the contemporary issues she addresses through poetry and prose. Sekai's love of words shines through her creative ancestral spirit as her linguistic mastery guides, flows and teaches!

PS. That adorable little girl is my daughter at 4 years old, at my book signing with me in Brooklyn, N.Y. She's now a graduating senior from Carnegie Mellon University with her own entrepreneur ambitions. Check her out at www.CheyanneRosier.com!