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NEWSCHASER: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries

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Proud to be a contributing author in this award winning book!

  • NEWSCHASER: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries: Title: Linguistic Imperialism. Trump and Making America Great Again, Published Book Chapter 2017 - UWP Books, New York.

This Anthology Collection, "Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries provides tools for training journalists and the public in unpacking public discourse through rhetorical analysis, discourse analysis, history, Africology, and political science.

This book concerns itself with crucial questions: What are the characteristics of Trump’s rhetoric? How is his rhetoric related to, or different from other rhetorics? What is the place of history in understanding the future of American politics? How can critical thinkers benefit from the Trump phenomenon? In this collection of essays and commentaries, we see an unraveling of the everyday issues that characterized the election campaign of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. These issues have, however, lingered on or acquired different momentum during his presidency. These include racism, misogyny, extremism and populism, among others. This book brings together old and young scholars to interrogate these issues from interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary perspectives."

- Editor, Daryl Taiwo Harris