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Afrocentric Before Afrocentricity: A Quest Towards Endarkenment

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In the face of most atrocity such as the violent murders and blatant targeting of Black bodies that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter Movement, African Americans are often faced with the narrative of blame for the repercussions and viciousness that befalls them because of the way they dress, their outward expression of culture, variation in speech patterns and colloquialism; or the state of poverty and oppression in economically improvised neighborhoods.

This book uses poetry to analyze the perceived self-hatred, and intra-cultural negativity that give cause to this type of discourse, by critically discussing the actions of Blacks and African Americans towards each other, and acknowledge the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and the failures of people of color through an historical lens. In doing so, I assert that Afrocentrity provides an integral counter narrative to empower and incite pride in the African American community and those who view the world through the lens of Afrocentrism.