Performance Poet

As a Linguistic Activist and Poetical Scientist,  I use the power of words and my love of poetry to shape the real world impact of social justice, social movements, legislation and political implications to frame the stories of the diaspora through creative arts!

I have performed for many events, social gatherings and just spitting in poetry spots to highlight social justice, civil rights and concerns with humanity. I was taught, that there are many points of contact in media before someone gets a message, using the arts, creativity and visual accentuation brings to life the broad array of information or communication deeper at a level that is much more difficult to reach in a conversation. This is why music and the arts is so important and must me optimized in all educational capacities.

Linguistic Activist Ayo Sekai uses her power and passion for words to highlight contemporary social dilemmas! To learn more about Sekai, visit her YouTube Channel at Ayo Sekai Untamed.