Murder, Slaughter and Assasination of Black Bodies - I am running out of tears!

I am a Black daughter with Black parents and Black siblings!

As a Black mother, who created a beautiful Black family with a Black man, a Black daughter, and a Black son, my heart has been shattered.  What can we do? We are murdered if we are children, on our deck, barbecuing, standing on the street, driving while Black, playing in a park, holding skittles, sleeping, being military personnel, and the list goes on and on! Why are we being slaughtered in the streets like animals? Choking is the new lynching. White police officers use constant claims of fearing for their lives or accidental weapon choices every time they assassinate one of us. It's all a farce.

None of this makes any sense at all!

It almost feels as if a new re-imagined Jim Crow is being implemented by the police, who were once the militia who kept enslaved Africans in check, who orchestrated the racial violence and brutality of the RED SUMMER in the early 20th century, who became the Ku Klux Klan. It just feels as if there is a secret society of dirty cops, right-wing conservatives, who in part were not victims but organizers of the white insurrection (2021), who are now rising to murder Black people. I don't know about you, but it just seems like a series of unnecessary massacres of Black and Brown bodies that happens in a moment of them "feeling like it."

Dare I even insinuate that there is a private club of these newly re-imagined militias, who have been indoctrinated within this organization, with one admission qualification being the assassination of someone Black.  While my heart is breaking over the cries of Black mothers, and I resist the natural inclination not to imagine this happening to me or someone I love, I envisage these militias have created an owner's manual of excuses. A legal document within their ranks approved by prosecutors and defenders already identified as part of their legal team. What if there is a more extensive infrastructure, organizational chart, and talent recruit to rebuild their ranks.

We are tired of feeling trapped, helpless and vulnerable, when nothing we do, or say, or earn, or build, can protect our Black children and Black bodies. How do we find resolution against a silent killer, who we don't even know, whether or not they exist, yet we see the evidence of their work, Black bodies piling high in the face of white fear, insecurity and hatred.