Listen with your heart, your ears, your sixth sense, your third eye! Watch for body language, ambiguity, and take nothing for granted, even if you think you know, or that you are sure. Let us use wisdom in our processes instead of emotional triggers.

There are also those relationships, that will passively aggressively, put you down, undermine and underpin your accomplishments, by comparing you to someone they value more than you. They are willing to jump to those people's aide, and refuse to collaborate with you, while you are the one shouldering them with your support. These things are to be observed, build us and used as a learning tool.

Part of building relationships, networks and connections, can come with some stumbling blocks, some misstep and possibly some mistakes. Let us handle our relationships with care. They go through various stages of development, and can be fragile. Easily lost, by us if we are not careful, or by them, for taking us for granted. If we value the relationships we have, or respect the people in our lives, let us not be quick to harshly judge them, curse them out with vile accusations, that may be unwarranted if there is no previous behavior patterns to justify them.

When something cause a break/misunderstanding or even a mistake in a relationship, these are the times that truth and light rise to the top. Sometimes behavior manifests out of jealously, sabotage, and sometimes, you see how people feel about you through their silence.

  • You learn that you really value a relationship and that the other/s in the relationship value you
  • You learn that they never liked or respected you and was waiting for an opportunity to show you
  • ¬†You strengthen your bond and grow closer
  • You lose what you had and maybe that's best

No one is perfect! We are all flawed, with personal experiences from which we become jaded. No one can truly claim to fully know another person, and we certainly cannot know if we have made a mistake or crossed a boundary until it happens.

It is not so much in life the things that happen to us that defines us. It is the way we react to them. So when people show you who they are LISTEN! and when they tell you what you mean to them, or don't mean to them, BELIEVE!