Associate Producer of Film

Koby Maxwel Productions award winning short, THE WRONG ONE, was a hit on the independent film market. I am honored to be named Associate Producer, in conjunction with my publishing company, Universal Write Publications

I also hosted the movie red carpet premiere, and was able to collaborate and notwork with professionals across the film/movie industry, from make up artistic, producers, models and camera crew. As well as learning the business from the ground up.

This was not my first venture into film. In 2006, I partnered with Chepell Chase of the Tish NYU school, and Executive Producer of Shoot Em' Up production company and created the film production company, Write 11 Film, Inc. Our casting call and auditions for the feature LOVE THY SISTER, WATCH THY BACK, staring actors, Faizon Love, Boris KudJoe and others, fell short only by unexpected tragedy of key partners. As a bestselling fiction author, poet and entrepreneur, I am always excited about my next adventure!